Pricing and Add-on's

  • Basic Floor Plan Illustration:  .20¢ per sq.ft. ($300 minimum).

  • Interior Room Dimensions:  $30 (Homes under 3,500 sq.ft.) $50 (Homes over 3,500 sq.ft.)

  • Living Area Certification:  $250 (Request must be made prior to inspection of the dwelling(s).  A footprint with computer-generated calculations will be provided.)

  • Basic Landscape:  $50 (Includes front entry, plantings next to the front of the dwelling, and a portion of the driveway.)

  • Business Contact Information:  $50  (One time set up fee.)

  • Site Plans: Quote only

  • Detailed Landscape and Hardscape: Quote only (Pool, Pergolas, Outdoor Kitchens, etc...)

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